How to Get Even More Out of Your Nespresso Capsules

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Depending on the type of machine you have, you may think you’ve limited say in what comes out of your coffee capsules. You simply put Nespresso pods into the machine, hit the button and wait for the coffee to be poured - pretty much as simple as it gets.

Nevertheless, there are at least five things you can do to take your enjoyment of your favorite Nespresso capsules to the next level. All of which apply to the vast majority of coffee pod machines, which when used the right way can produce consistently outstanding results at the touch of a button.

Here’s how to elevate your experience with Nespresso capsules for the ultimate cup:

1) Adjust the Preset Water Quantities

With most machines that are compatible with Nespresso pods, you can reprogram the preset water quantities to suit your tastes. This is usually done simply by pressing and holding the brew button, then letting go when the perfect quantity of water has been poured. Each time you press the button in the future, this same exact quantity of hot water should be dispensed.

2) Clean Your Machine More Regularly

If you could see what was going on inside your coffee pod machines, you’d probably clean it more often. The speed at which all types of coffee machines can accumulate bacteria, grease, grime, mold and general unpleasantness is quite remarkable. Not only is a clean machine better for your health, but it also guarantees exponentially more enjoyable coffee.

3) Warm Your Machine Before Using It

An essential tip that’s simple yet surprisingly effective, always run some hot water through your Nespresso machine before brewing. Place your cup under the dispenser, switch the machine on and press the lungo (or equivalent) button with no capsule inserted. This will not only warm the machine and flush out unwanted residues, it will also warm your cup!

4) Experiment with Refillable Coffee Pods

The ultimate in eco-friendly and cost-effective brewing, refillable coffee pods are also great for experimentation. These multi-use coffee capsules can be filled with any ground coffee (or blend of ground of coffees) imaginable, while at the same time reducing waste. Nespresso pods are of course fully recyclable, but there’s much to be said for pods that can be reloaded and reused indefinitely.

5) Switch to Bottled Water

Last but not least, it’s a tip that applies to pretty much every approach to brewing coffee across the board. Coffee capsules are no exception, which can often be elevated noticeably by making the switch to bottled water. This applies more in hard water areas than elsewhere, but can nonetheless make a real difference to the crispness of the resulting cup. It’s also a great way of keeping the interior of your machine free from limescale, which is likewise something that can affect the fragrance and flavor of coffee.

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