Electronic Gift Cards and Other Coffee Gift Ideas

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Struggling to come up with the perfect gift idea for the coffee lover in your life?  Wondering what to give a coffee connoisseur who already seems to have everything?

Gifts that combine practicality with genuine bought and sentiments are not always to come by. But if you think just a little outside the box, you’ll soon find a world of inspiring coffee gifts anyone would be delighted to receive.

With this in mind, here’s a brief overview of 6 fool-proof gift ideas for coffee lovers this holiday season:

1) Electronic Gift Cards

Simple, convenient, and always will received, electronic gift cards give the gift of freedom of choice. They can be purchased and sent in seconds, and typically allow a good 12 months or so to spend the balance on the card. From essential coffee hardware to the finest Panama Geisha coffee beans (aka Gesha coffee), electronic gift cards can be redeemed against a whole world of inspiring coffee goodies.

2) Mug Warmers

If you know a coffee-lover who works in a particularly cold and drafty environment, a handy portable mug warmer could be just the thing. No more making do with the kind of tepid coffee nobody wants to drink, thanks to this neat little gadget that can be used just about anywhere.

3) Thermos Mugs

Likewise, a well-insulated coffee cup is something every true connoisseur needs in their life. Along with keeping coffee piping hot for hours on end, a Thermos mug can also be used to kiss goodbye to disposable takeaway cups.  Handy for the recipient and great for the environment, with a huge range of inspiring and even personalized Thermos mugs to choose from.

4) Exquisite Gourmet Coffee

One of the easiest ways to choose the best of all coffee gifts is to pick up something they would not normally treat themselves to. If they wouldn’t typically splash out on a bag of Panama Geisha coffee beans, Geisha coffee could be the perfect gift. The same also applies to all other gourmet coffee that carry a premium price tag, like Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee (the finest Jamaican coffee), Kona coffee (the #1 Hawaiian coffee), and so on.

5) Coffee-Themed Wall Prints

Any kind of artwork or wall print that has that quintessential coffee house vibe is also likely to go down a storm with the coffee lover in your life. Some of which serve double duty as handy coffee guides, with helpful information on how to make barista-quality coffee at home. Again, there’s also the option of personalized coffee prints and artwork, if preferred.

6) Scoop and Clip Combo

Last up, this is the simple yet ingenious little device you never knew you needed in your life. It’s basically an elegant and practical coffee scoop that also doubles as a clip to keep your grounds fresher for longer. There are plenty of shapes, sizes, and designs available – all equally well-received, and as practical as they are thoughtful.

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