Best PLACES to VISIT on Hawaii (Part I)

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A fan of the outdoors? We have the perfect place for you, with the most beautiful landscapes in the universe! In the Pacific Ocean, there’s Hawaii, a true paradise on Earth. Besides the locations you can visit, it is birthplace of one of the best coffees in the world, Hawaii Kona coffee!


The best Kona coffee beans are considered by many a Hawaiian coffee treasure and they are among the best coffee beans in the world. You need to visit Hawaii and explore his many beautiful locations, including:

  • Punalu'u Beach, located on the Big Island of Hawaii, is an impressive natural beauty. This marvelous beach has black sand and basalt rocks from past volcanic eruptions. The mix between these black elements and the clear water plus the green palm trees, is a wonderful view. Every now and then you will also get the chance to observe sea turtles resting on the beach. Our suggestion is: get a Kona coffee (the best coffee in the world) and then spend the day on this magnificent beach.
  • There's always one more place in Hawaii that greatly deserves a visit and this time will tell about Keahiakawelo. It means “Garden of the Gods” and it’s located in Lanai. When we think of Hawaii, we normally picture a group of islands filled with gorgeous beaches surrounded by green mountains, palm trees, and other tropical elements. However, Hawaii will easily surprise you with other pretty places beyond our initial expectations, such as Keahiakawelo, a fantastic scenery full of rocks and boulders that magically turn red and orange at dusk. Don’t forget to celebrate your visit to the “Garden of the Gods” with a special Kona coffee, made with the best coffee beans in the world.
  • Hawaii has so much natural beauty that there's always one more gorgeous place that deserves a visit. The Pololu Valley on the Big Island offers you a magnificent view and scenery. Best of all, it is quite easy to get there, because there is a highway that takes you to this beautiful place quite easily. You can sit on top to enjoy the incredible view and sunset, or you can walk down the track that takes you to the beach. Start your day with a cup of Kona coffee, the best coffee in the world, and then head to the Pololu Valley, you won’t regret it!
  • Haleakala is a dormant volcano located in Maui. Haleakala is over 3000 meters high and offers splendid views. Haleakala means "the Sun's House" and is a very spiritual place;
  • Kalaupapa sits on the northern part of the Hawaiian island of Molokai. In the past it was a place to where people with chronic illnesses would go. They would be treated by Father Damien, a very kind human soul. Today Kalaupapa offers unbelievable scenarios of beautiful blue waters and vivid green landscapes. 
  • The road to Hana in Maui. Driving this breathtaking road full of curves is a unique experience. It will surprise you with its beauty, waterfalls, tall bamboos, and rainforest.
  • The Nā Pali Coast State Park in Kauai is famous for its 1,200-meter-high cliffs. There you will find the Kalalau Trail, a very long hike that goes through several valleys and is known to end at the pretty Kalalau Beach. Celebrate a day full of nice experiences with a sumptuous cup of coffee made with the best Kona coffee beans, considered by many locals and foreigners alike as the best coffee beans in the world.
  • The Waimea Canyon in Kauai, also known as the big canyon of the Pacific. It is over 14 kilometers long, 1.6 kilometers wide, and 1100 meters deep. You can explore it by car or also do some hiking there.
  • Kaunolu in Lanai was a fishing village in the past and today is a sacred place. It is a United States National Historic Landmark since the 1960s and offers impressive views.
  • While you are visiting Hawaii, don't forget to try the best Kona coffee beans, considered by coffee lovers the best coffee beans in the world.

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