Why Cafetière Coffee is (Probably) the Best Coffee?

French press, cafetière

Some coffee lovers are all about gadgets and experimentation. For others, there’s really nothing quite like a quality cup of French press coffee. In fact, you’ll find a lot of people who wouldn’t swap their cafetiere for the most sophisticated bean-to-cup coffee maker in the world.

How Does French Press Work?

Cafetière coffee is just about as simple and timeless as it gets. It’s an extremely straightforward brewing method, wherein the coffee grounds are saturated in hot water, allowed to steep and filtered using a ‘plunge’ system. All with no complex mechanical or electronic components required.

Contrary to popular belief, French press coffee can be every bit as complex, decadent and delicious as coffee brewed by way of any other method. Some would say, significantly more so.

But why is it that so many people genuinely believe that cafetiere coffee is the best coffee brewing method? With such a huge range of options to choose from, why stick with a traditional French Press over the alternatives?

The way we see it, there are at least five reasons why French press coffee could be a contender for the best coffee brewing method there is:

1) Pure simplicity

Above all else, there’s no disputing the sheer simplicity of cafetière coffee. No experience necessary and no complex equipment required, just a quality cafetière and the basic ingredients. It takes minutes to brew a fantastic cup of coffee using a French press, after which there’s little to no clean-up required. Plus, the portability of the classic cafetiere serves as an added bonus for preparing quality coffee on the go.

2) An affordable approach

The French press method (a.k.a. coffee press) is also arguably the most affordable option on the table for brewing fantastic coffee. Invest in a decent cafetiere and it will serve you proudly for years on end, with absolutely no complex equipment required. Pair a good cafetière with a quality coffee grinder and you have literally everything you need to brew barista-quality coffee at home indefinitely.

3) Precise control

The coffee press brewing method is 100% manual, which enables you to take total control over the process. You can be as meticulous as you like with your coffee to water ratios, water temperatures, the coarseness of your coffee grounds and so on.  

4) Endless experimentation

On that note, French press coffee opens the door to endless experimentation.  Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself the perfect recipe for an exceptional cup of coffee to suit your tastes and preferences. Just be sure to make notes of your ratios and recipes along the way, so you know exactly how to produce your perfect cup.

5) Timeless tradition

Last up, there’s just something about the whole ceremony of brewing a fantastic cup of coffee using a French press. It’s a timeless tradition that’s endured throughout countless generations and is more popular today than it has ever been. The fact that it’s such a simple and effective brewing method that costs next to nothing is simply an added bonus!

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