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Siphon Coffee: The World’s Most Theatrical Coffee Maker

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Impressive-looking siphon coffee makers have been popping up in specialty coffee (also called speciality coffee) shops all over the world as of late. Though contrary to popular belief, the siphon coffee brewing method is anything but new.

Remarkably, vacuum coffee makers in one form or another have been around for almost 200 years. It was all the way back in the 1830s that the first patent for a vacuum coffee maker was filed in Germany, though the concept as a whole is credited to an innovative French coffee fanatic by the name of Marie Fanny Amelne Massot.

The device she came up with closely resembled the most advanced siphon coffee makers available on the market today. It consisted of two glass balloons connected by way of a frame, designed to create a vacuum effect and pull heated water through ground coffee.

For obvious reasons, her invention was considered both impressive and ground-breaking at the time.

The Theatrics of Siphon Coffee Making

What’s interesting about the siphon coffee maker is that if it hadn’t been invented during this particular period, it would have probably taken on an entirely different form. Siphon coffee came about at a time when coffee was considered a fashionable and desirable commodity, prepared and consumed as much to impress others as to enjoy it personally.

With the siphon coffee maker, those who could afford such a device suddenly had a means by which they could prepare coffee in front of their guests in a new and highly theatrical way. The spectacle of creating the coffee was just as important as the quality of the final product, which as an added bonus turned out to be superb.

Soon enough, the popularity of the siphon caught the attention of several major manufacturers, who began designing and producing more affordable and durable devices. The skyrocketing popularity of siphon coffee making lying not only in the theatrics of the whole thing, but the surprising simplicity of operating such a coffee maker.

Siphon Brewing Today

Even today, the siphon coffee maker remains (arguably) the most visually impressive of all mainstream coffee makers. The basic design of the siphon has changed little over the years, with manufacturers putting their own creative twists on the original.

Siphon brewing still involves the use of two chambers - one of which is filled with water and heated. As the water temperature rises, vapor is released and propelled into the upper chamber, where it mixes with the ground coffee.  Gravity then takes over, transporting the brewed coffee back down to the lower chamber, through a filter which strains the particles from the water.

The perfect fusion of science and simplicity, which almost always guarantees an unforgettable cup of coffee.

Elaborate and downright ostentatious takes on the original design are available, but frankly aren’t necessary, unless preferred. Opt for a simple and discreet vacuum brewing system if experimenting with the method for the first time, before stepping up to something more dramatic and eye-catching.

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