The 5 Best Ground Coffee Recycling Methods You Need to Know

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Wasting even tiny quantities of fresh roasted coffee feels like a criminal activity. Even when you’ve successfully created and enjoyed a cup of exquisite fresh coffee, getting rid of those used grounds often seems wasteful. A little voice in the back of your head may have you wondering – isn’t there a better use for ground coffee than throwing it away?

Short answer… yes, there is!

If looking to extract maximum value from every gram of fresh ground coffee in your life, here are five of the best ground coffee reuse and recycling methods you’ll want to know:

1) Fertilise Your Plants with Ground Coffee

First up, using waste ground coffee to fertilise plants is a trick that’s as old as the hills. Nevertheless, it’s also one of the most effective and savvy applications for waste ground coffee. Give the grounds time to cool and sprinkle them around your favourite plants, in order to provide them with a generous dose of the nutrients they need.

2) DIY Best Ground Coffee Cosmetics

There are literally thousands of recipes and tutorials on the web for creating organic DIY cosmetics based around the best ground coffee. Coffee contains a variety of active ingredients – one of which being caffeine – which have the potential to work wonders for your skin. Seriously – why fork out good money for organic skincare products, when you could easily make your own for next to nothing?

3) Fridge Freshener

One of the best ways of naturally deodorising and freshening up your fridge is to stockpile a tub of used ground coffee and place them at the bottom of the fridge overnight. Strong and lingering food smells are eliminated with impressive effectiveness, replaced with the delightful fragrance of the coffee grounds.

4) Repel Garden Pests with Ground Coffee

It’s worth remembering that while you may be completely addicted to the best ground coffee money can buy, the same can’t be said for all creatures great and small. While serving as an effective fertiliser for your plants, the waste coffee grounds you take outdoors can also be used for deterring pests. Particularly in the case of slugs and ants, ground coffee can work wonders preventing them from making a meal of your plants…quite literally!

5) Caffeine For the Hair

Last but not least, the market for specialist caffeine shampoos has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. Caffeine apparently having the potential to boost the strength of hair, maximise shine and even nurture healthy growth. Premium caffeine shampoos may be rather expensive – DIY alternatives are anything but. It’s simply a case of working a small amount of waste ground coffee into the hair and scalp with warm water, before shampooing and conditioning as normal. Alternatively, browse online for any number of recipes and formulas for creating all-round caffeine shampoos and haircare from the bits and pieces you probably already have around the home.

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