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Storing the Best Ground Coffee for Maximum Freshness | Fresh Roasted Coffee

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The most important rule when looking to brew incredible fresh coffee is to only ever grind your beans as you need them. Fresh ground coffee delivers the maximum possible hit in terms of flavour and aroma, but beans start to deteriorate as time passes. As such, if you are going to invest in premium fresh roasted coffee beans, it’s best to use them as soon as you grind them.

Of course, you’ll often find yourself with something of a surplus of fresh roasted coffee you would prefer not to throw away. Armed with a quantity of the best fresh roasted coffee money can buy, you’ll want to store it away in a manner that preserves its freshness for as long as possible. Carry out a quick search online and you’ll find thousands of weird and wonderful tips for keeping fresh coffee at its best indefinitely. Unfortunately, most such methods aren’t nearly as ground-breaking or even effective as they appear to be.

The Science of Preserving Fresh Ground Coffee

From a scientific perspective, the main thing that poses a threat to fresh ground coffee is on-going exposure to air. This is precisely why the best ground coffee tends to be sold in vacuum-sealed packs, which minimise exposure to air prior to opening.

This is something you need to bear in mind if you plan to freeze your coffee, which has the potential to be an effective and convenient preservation method. Nevertheless, freezing the best ground coffee is only effective when you also factor exposure to air into the equation.

For example, throwing your ground coffee in the first tin or tub you come across is going to be far better than simply leaving them out in the open. Nevertheless, if the container in question is filled only 50% with ground coffee and 50% with air, the coffee is still going to be exposed to enough air to do it a degree of damage.

Perhaps the single best way of preserving the freshness of the very best ground coffee is to first use a vacuum sealer. Available relatively cheaply these days, these innovative machines allow you to place fresh coffee (and other items) in strong plastic bags, which are then forcibly removed of all air and sealed tightly. After which, the bag can be thrown into the freezer to preserve the freshness indefinitely.

Of course, investing in a sealer simply to deal with the occasional excess measure of ground coffee may seem a little expensive to some. Nevertheless, you can replicate the effect to a decent extent using standard freezer bags of decent quality. Simply place your fresh ground coffee into a freezer bag, squeeze as much air as you can out of the bag and roll it tightly. After which, the bag (or any number thereof) can be placed in a sealed tub and frozen.

Small Batches of the Best Ground Coffee

One important note to remember – always freeze fresh ground coffee in the smallest batches possible. This is because the moment you take the coffee out of the freezer and open the bag, the fresh coffee will be exposed to air and moisture, which will lead to deterioration. Freeze in small quantities, so that you can quickly and easily access exactly the amount of coffee you need, as and when you need it.

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