Panama Geisha Coffee Beans: A Hefty Price, Worth Every Penny | Updated in 2023

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Passing fads are all part and parcel of the gourmet coffee world. Here today, gone tomorrow - often packing a hefty price in the meantime. As such, you’d be forgiven for occasionally wondering if Panama Geisha coffee beans are just another entry to the 2023 list of fads.

Especially when considering their premium price tag, you could find yourself sceptical about Geisha coffee (a.k.a Gesha coffee) in general.

The Cost of a Cup of Panama Geisha Coffee

Panama has always been known for putting out outstanding coffees, but Geisha coffee really put the place on the gourmet coffee map. Not only are Panama Geisha coffee beans famous for their quality and flavour, but also for taking the title as the world’s most expensive coffee beans.

Hop across the pond to Panama and you’ll pick up an exceptional cup of Geisha coffee for approximately $9.00. Cross over into the United States and you’ll be looking at double this - somewhere in the region of $20.00 at a premium coffee shop. Steep perhaps, but a bargain when considering a single cup of Gesha Coffee sells for up to $70.00 in a specialty coffee shop in Dubai.

That’s $70.00 for a single cup - a price thousands of coffee lovers are happy to pay.

Unsurprisingly, the high cost of Geisha coffee is due to the price of the beans themselves. Panamanian Geisha coffee beans have been known to sell for several hundred US Dollars per pound, when sourced from certain smaller and prestigious family plantations. Across the world, the coffee community’s appetite for this rare commodity is growing all the time.

So it’s the classic case of record-demand putting an even greater strain on supply, resulting in already-pricey Geisha coffee becoming even more costly. But in terms of value for money, there’s no disputing the pure magic Gesha coffee brings to the table.

Panama Geisha Coffee’s Unique Profile

There’s no marketing trickery at work - Panama Geisha coffee beans are expensive because they require great skill from producers. Not only does Geisha coffee grow exclusively in an absolutely tiny volcanic corner of Panama, but each and every coffee cherry is individually picked by hand and extensively examined.

What’s more, the examination and selection processes are so intensive that a sizeable proportion of the beans picked don’t make the cut. They’re saved for the domestic market exclusively, deemed unfit to head overseas.

The result of which is an even more scarcely available commodity, adding to the desirability and prestige of the final product. Boasting notes of bergamot, jasmine, rose and even papaya, Gesha coffee has a flavour profile that’s unlike any other coffee in the world. Like a fine wine, the enjoyment of Geisha coffee goes far beyond any specialty coffee bean you’ve brewed by a considerable margin.

So while it’s true to say Panama Geisha coffee beans usually pack a heavy price, it delivers the kind of all-round sensory experience than justifies every penny!

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