How to Get the Most Out of Your Hawaiian Coffee

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If you’re going to spend good money on the best Kona coffee Hawaii produces, the last thing you want is to spoil it during the brewing process.

Contrary to popular belief, transforming the best Kona coffee beans into a world class cup of coffee is easy. All the trickery that goes on at your favorite coffee shop is mostly just theatrical - i.e. not what you’d call 100% necessary.

Taking things back to basics holds the key to making the most magnificent Hawaiian coffee at home. You don’t need an overpriced coffeemaker, or an in-depth understanding of the science of the infusion process.

Instead, it’s more a case of following a few simple rules that apply when brewing any quality coffee at home. Just as long as you’re mindful of these (very) basic pointers, you’ll almost certainly do your Hawaiian coffee justice:

1) Buy in Small Batches

First up, there’s much to be said for the savings available when buying coffee beans in bulk. But if looking to get the very best out of your Kona coffee beans, buying in small batches is better. This is simply due to the fact that freshness is everything where quality coffee is concerned. The longer you keep your excess beans lying around at home, the less spectacular they will be when the time comes to brew them.

2) Recent Roasting

If you can score a batch of green coffee beans  and roast them yourself, go for it.  If not, buy from a roaster that guarantees freshly-roasted beans to order. Again, it’s all about preserving the freshness of your beans to ensure an unforgettable cup. Even the best Kona coffee beans begin to lose their fabulous flavor and fragrance after being roasted. The shorter the time between roasting and brewing, the better.

3) Watch Your Water Temperatures

Feel free to take things to extremes with a pinpoint-precise thermometer, but it really isn’t necessary. Brewing with boiling water is a big mistake, as it will scald the grinds and create a bitter taste. After boiling the water, leave it to stand for a good minute or so, in order to bring it down to a safer temperature.

4) Filter Your Water

Likewise, brewing quality coffee with filtered water is essential. Buying the best Kona coffee Hawaii produces only to then brew it with mineral-heavy water that tastes pretty unpleasant really is a waste. Even if your tap water is reasonably good, you’ll still notice a huge difference by filtering it before brewing.

5) Enjoy Untainted

Last up - and finishing on a rather divisive note - the best way to enjoy the best Kona coffee beans is untainted. Some coffee-lovers like nothing more than ‘enhancing’ their drinks with milk, cream, syrups, sugar, sprinkles and so on. All fine, but Kona coffee is at its best when 100% naked. You’ll deny yourself so many of its fantastic attributes by bringing added extras into the mix…so don’t!

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