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Egift Cards & Coffee Gift Ideas for Christmas

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With the festive season bearing down on us once again, the time has come to start thinking about who gets what this Christmas. Mercifully - particularly given the current situation - it’s now possible to pick up pretty much all types of coffee gifts online. Shopping for coffee presents no longer means having to hit the High Street and brave the crowds, which as things stand right now isn’t necessarily a good idea.

The only question being - which coffee gifts to buy for the java-lovers in your life? With such a huge range of options to choose from, which are the kinds of coffee presents you simply cannot go wrong with?

There’s no shortage of coffee gift options to explore, but we guarantee a delighted recipient if you go with one of the following:

1) Premium gourmet coffee beans

First up, why not spoil the recipient to a batch of seriously premium coffee beans they probably wouldn’t treat themselves to otherwise? You’ll find an extensive variety of small-batch gourmet coffee beans in our collection, which can be just the thing for giving the recipient a taste of something different and decidedly more discerning than the norm.

2) Coffee gift baskets

Whether you create your own from scratch or choose a pre-made bundle of some kind, coffee gift baskets are the kinds of gifts that keep on giving. They come loaded with a whole bunch of different coffee-related bits and pieces - several fantastic gifts loaded into one elegantly presented package. Perfect for more indecisive types, or if you’re unsure what the recipient already has.

3) Egift cards

Speaking of which, our egift cards provide a 100% foolproof solution when you’ve absolutely no idea what to buy. Available in various denominations and redeemable against all products in the Hayman Coffee collection, it’s a great way of allowing the recipient to pick exactly what they want. It also excludes the prospect of getting them something they already have (or aren’t particularly keen on) from the equation!

4) Portable coffee gear

This always goes down a treat and is a segment of the market that’s growing and evolving like never before. Along with the usual insulated cups and containers, there’s such a huge range of portable gear you can pick up these days for brewing and enjoying amazing coffee, any time and any place.  Definitely the way to go if shopping for somebody who spends much of their time on the road.

5) Cold brew equipment

Last but not least, cold brew coffee turned out to be anything but a passing fad. It’s one of the biggest and most popular things to happen to coffee for some time, making now the ideal time to give the gift of cold brew coffee making equipment. Particularly if the recipient hasn’t yet discovered what cold brew is all about, it can be a great way of gently nudging them in the right direction.

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