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Drip Coffee - Four Key Factors for the Perfect Cup

Drip coffee

By a sizeable margin, drip coffee is one of the easiest types of coffee to brew at home. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean it isn’t also a relatively easy coffee to go wrong with.

Irrespective of your preferred brewing method, there are always things you can (and should) be doing to improve the quality of every cup you brew. Drip coffee is no different, though is often taken for granted as it is a largely automated process.

The machine takes care of most of the job on your behalf, so you assume it’s out of your control.

In reality, there are several factors that come together to create the perfect cup of drip coffee. The most important of which being as follows:

The Filter

Right off the bat, choosing a filter isn’t exclusively about ensuring minimal soluble mass makes its way into the final product. The type of filter you use (and even the material that is made of) will affect the taste and the body of your coffee.

The classic paper filter is the most popular choice, which holds on to more soluble mass and provides a clear, clean and refreshing final cup. A mesh filter is also a good choice, though requires a coarser grind to produce a good cup of coffee.

In both instances, always stick with the highest quality filters you can find - irrespective of the material they’re made of.

The Freshness

Most drip coffee makers feature a heated plate to keep the coffee you brew warm. Unfortunately, leaving freshly brewed coffee on a hot plate for too long will result in a cup that could taste anything from flat to burned.

Drip coffee, like most types of coffee, is best enjoyed as quickly as possible after being brewed. Brewing a large batch for the next few hours can always be tempting, but you’ll notice the quality of the coffee deteriorating as time passes.

The Beans

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - quality coffee begins and ends with quality coffee beans. Irrespective of your preferred brewing method, it is essential to pick up the highest quality beans you can afford and grind them at the last minute.

Arm yourself with substandard coffee beans and there’s really nothing you can do to improve the quality of the cup. Store your high-quality beans in a hermetic container in a cool and dark location, only ever grinding as many as you need for the amount of coffee you intend to brew.

Speaking of which, feel free to experiment with the coarseness of your grounds - minor adjustments in either direction can make a real difference.

The Machine

Last but not least, you cannot and will not brew a quality cup of drip coffee without a quality machine. Water temperatures need to be precise to get the job done right, which is something the more generic machines on the market simply aren’t capable of.

In addition, the importance of keeping your machine flawlessly clean cannot be overstated. As limescale and general ‘gunk’ accumulates inside its pipes and chambers, its ability to produce an enjoyable cup of coffee will be severely compromised.

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