Guide to the Best Coffee Beans in the World (Part 1)

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Narrowing things down to the best coffee beans in the world isn’t easy, given how the whole subject is entirely subjective. Personal preferences vary significantly from one person to the next, and we all have our different tastes where the best coffee beans are concerned.

For example, some people enjoy the balance and smoothness of a classic Colombian cup, whereas others are all about the acidic fruitiness of Kenyan coffee

Truth is, there are so many different factors that come into play where the enjoyment of coffee is concerned that you cannot say that one specific coffee is ‘better’ than all others, or the best coffee in the world. Examples of these include your life experience with different types of coffee, the way your taste receptors interpret flavors, the kinds of activities and experiences you associate with coffee, and even your genetics.

Even so, there are some types of coffee beans that consistently top the table at prestigious annual or awards ceremonies worldwide. They’re raved about by true coffee connoisseurs and industry experts alike, and have become increasingly sought-after commodities worldwide.

The interesting thing is that in all instances, you’re looking at a completely different fragrance and flavor profile. Some of the best coffee beans in the world produce a fairly subtle cup, while others are complex enough to challenge even the most sophisticated palates.

One thing’s for sure – each of the coffees outlined below is unlike anything you have experienced from any mainstream coffee. In no particular order, the following are broadly considered to be the best coffee beans in the world, and in all instances are well worth checking out:

1) Hawaii Kona Coffee

Hawaiian Kona coffee is grown in unique conditions at an elevation of around 2,000 feet, where volcanic soil produces truly outstanding coffee trees. The total coffee production area where Kona coffee (i.e. the best Hawaiian coffee) is farmed is tiny, resulting in minimal quantities making their way out of the country each year. The result is not only a beautifully bright (and some would say buttery) cup, but a prized commodity where demand consistently outpaces supply. Widely regarded as the best coffee beans in the world, Hawaiian Kona coffee makes a great gift for the true coffee lover in your life.

2) Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

First up. Tanzania Peaberry Coffee is renowned for its fruity and berry-like characteristics, presented in a medium-bodied cup that just about anyone will enjoy. There’s a distinct sweetness to the finish of Tanzania Peaberry Coffee, not dissimilar to the taste of pineapple. Depending on the batch and roast, you can pick up flavors as diverse as coconut or blackcurrant with each sip. Tanzania Peaberry Coffee has the kind of complexity that will keep experienced connoisseurs enthralled, but is also smooth and simple enough to be enjoyed daily.

3) Nicaraguan Coffee

A relative newcomer to the scene, Nicaraguan coffee has made its way well and truly into gourmet coffee circles over the past few years. The naturally robust flavors of Nicaraguan coffee are brought to their best when roasted, resulting in a deep and rich cocoa-like flavor with hints of fruity berries. Definitely one to watch going forwards, as more artisan producers from Nicaragua open their doors to the world.

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