4 Reasons Whole Bean Coffee is King | Best Coffee Beans in The World

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Ask the average coffee addict and they’re likely to tell you one thing with confidence:

Whole bean coffee rules the roost.

When looking to brew an outstanding cup of coffee, choosing the coffee bean over coffee grounds is largely considered rule number one. Not that grounds made from the best coffee beans in the world aren’t great, but the humble whole bean coffee really is on another level.

But what is it about whole bean coffee that makes it superior? Is there any true benefit to sticking with whole bean coffee the everyday coffee fan would even pick up on?

The short answer – yes!

Coffee grounds can be great if you’re short on time, or if you simply don’t have a grinder to hand. But if you can lay your hands on the best coffee beans in the world, that’s exactly what you should do… and grind them yourself.

Just to illustrate the point a little more clearly, here’s a brief rundown of four reasons why whole bean coffee really is the king of coffees:

1) Fresher Coffee

First of all, it’s far easier to pick up on the freshness of a coffee bean than on a comparable batch of ground coffee. In fact, it’s borderline impossible to assess the freshness of coffee grounds by way of appearance alone. As such, to buy whole bean coffee is to be able to quickly identify if and to what extent the beans are fresh. And if they’re not up to scratch, you’ll know to avoid this particular seller next time! Freshness counts, so learn how to identify it.

2) Traceable Coffee

As most of the best coffee beans in the world come from responsible farms and producers, you can often trace every single coffee bean right back to its origins. What’s more, it’s extremely rare for high-end whole bean coffee to be blended with any other types of coffee. You buy a bag of beans, you get a pure batch of beans from a single farm and every cup is consistently excellent. In the case of ground coffee, it’s not uncommon for varieties to be blended together to produce a final batch.

3) Exclusive Varieties

You’re also more likely to find a greater range of varieties to choose from if you stick with whole bean coffee. Many farmers and producers simply don’t produce sufficient quantities to create ground coffee. They exclusively supply the best coffee beans in the world and nothing more. So if you want to try the best of the best, it’s often necessary to stick with whole bean coffee.

4) Flexible Grinding

Last up, buying whole bean coffee gives you the freedom to grind every coffee bean to perfection, exactly as you want it. This is great if planning to use more than one brewing method – the coarseness of the grounds having a huge impact on the final result. If you want to brew the best, you need to take total control of the brewing process – including grinding your beans to the perfect coarseness!

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