Whole Bean Coffee Storage Tips from the Experts | Best Coffee Storage

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What’s the biggest mistake you can make with premium whole bean coffee? Simple – investing in the very best coffee beans in the world, only to compromise their quality by storing them inappropriately.

An outstanding cup of coffee begins and ends with the best coffee beans money can buy. But given the fact that it’s hardly feasible to buy whole bean coffee one cup at a time, you’re going to need to factor storage into the equation.

Make no mistake about it – there very much is a right and wrong way to store coffee beans. At least, if you want every cup to be as enjoyable as the first.

So as far as the experts are concerned, what follows is a brief summary of how to take care of every coffee bean you buy like a pro:

Keep the best coffee beans in the world airtight, dark and cool

When it comes to freshness, there are three things that are out to deal you and every coffee bean a hammer blow – light, heat and moisture. The greater the extent to which your beans are exposed to one or more of these three enemies, the more you can expect their quality to deteriorate. 

Generally speaking, storing whole bean coffee in a standard airtight container at room temperature is sufficient. Assuming you’ll be getting through the coffee beans over the immediate days and weeks to come, they’ll be just fine.

That said, science would seem to suggest that using clear canisters isn’t the way to go. While glass jars and other receptacles filled with coffee beans can look beautiful, allowing too much light to hit your beans can compromise their quality. The same also goes for heat, so be sure to store your coffee beans away from anything that may increase the temperature significantly.

Ditch the Original Coffee Bean Packaging

One highly important note – the retail packaging in which your coffee is supplied is rarely suitable for long-term storage. Perfect for initial packing and shipping, but that’s about it. Don’t make the mistake of storing your coffee beans in their original packaging long-term.

Buy the Right Amount of Whole Bean Coffee

The very best way to keep coffee beans fresh is to only ever buy as many as you need. Rather than stocking up for the month ahead, why not get into the habit of placing a smaller order every week? In doing so, you’ll ensure your beans remain as fresh as possible with every cup you brew. 

And of course, there’s much to be said for experimenting with all the very best coffee beans in the world, rather than buying one huge batch of a single coffee variant.


Last but not least, while the subject of freezing coffee beans remains somewhat controversial, it can nonetheless be hugely effective if approached correctly. In the right container, freezing can comprehensively protect each coffee bean from light, moisture and air indefinitely. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that the containers in which you store your coffee beans contain minimal air and are sealed as tightly as physically possible.

Nevertheless, buy the right amount in the first place and you should get by without ever needing to freeze your beans.

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