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Roasted Whole Bean Coffee

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For those who prefer to grind the best coffee beans in the world themselves, Hayman offers all of our speciality coffee as roasted whole bean coffee as well.

This option would be suitable for use with a coffee maker that comes with its own coffee grinder. Otherwise, there is also a number of good quality, affordable, coffee grinders on the market. You only need to choose the model which suits you best to take charge of the grinding process.

Whole bean coffee has also the advantage of preserving coffee freshness for longer when compared to ground coffee. This is why it is better to grind your top third wave coffee just before it is brewed. You can find detailed coffee grinding information here.

All whole bean coffee varieties offered by Hayman are of the species Arabica coffee, the best of all types of coffee beans. The finest Arabica coffee is labelled speciality coffee. While it is more expensive than other species, like Robusta coffee, most people would easily agree that Arabica coffee has by far the most incredible qualities!

Apart from bringing you only third wave coffee and very fresh coffee, Hayman's offering is unique because our master roasters spend a lot of time developing medium-light roast profiles for the best coffee beans, which highlight their amazing aroma and flavor notes!

Despite being a well-known fact that coffee roasted too dark loses its distinctive aroma and flavor, many coffee companies still insist on very dark roasts that give coffee an bitter and burnt flavor.