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From Costa Rica, we bring you one of the most exclusive and exotic coffees: COSTA RICA GEISHA.

Coffee planting in Costa Rica goes back to the late 1700s and it was the first Central American country to have an established coffee industry. Costa Rica Geisha (aka “Gesha”) distinguishes itself as one of the world’s most exceptional coffees. This coffee is grown at high altitude in Costa Rica’s district of Biolley, close to the border with Panama. 

The Geisha coffee varietal was discovered in Ethiopia in the 1930s and it reached coffee stardom in 2004, when it won an important competition in nearby Panama and caught the attention of international experts. Since then, Geisha coffee has been consecutively breaking price records due to its unique flavor and scarcity.

This arabica coffee is freshly roasted for you to ensure it is bursting with incredible aromas and flavors when it lands at your door. You will fall in love with this coffee's orange, cherry blossom lime, and melon notes. Click here to try it now before it sells out, we offer free worldwide shipping!