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Is Moka Pot Coffee the Best Coffee You Can Brew?

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Speak to almost any Italian grandmother and they will tell you that pretty much the only coffee worth drinking is coffee made using a moka pot. By contrast, the vast majority of new-generation baristas will swear by the latest gadgets and overly-complex brewing methods.

Of course, there’s much to be said for technological advancement and innovation in the field of coffee brewing. With each and every new device and contraption that comes into existence, we’re treated with a new and (sometimes) interesting way to make a glorious cup of java.

But do you really need to go to extremes or spend a fortune to make outstanding coffee at home? Given how the Italians really do know what they’re talking about with such things, could it be that moka coffee really is the best coffee you can brew?

As with most things, it depends entirely on who you ask. Nevertheless, there are several key advantages to brewing moka coffee that are impossible to deny.

Irrespective of how much you enjoy or at least appreciate the latest gadgets, you really cannot take the following away from the humble moka pot:

1) It’s a Classic Italian Kitchen Staple

Right off the bat, a recent survey reached the conclusion that approximately 90% of all Italian kitchens feature a moka pot in some form or another. By a wide margin, this makes it the single most popular coffee making device in the country. One that’s been used across Italy and the rest of the world for more than 200 years, long before most other coffee brewing methods were even far-flung visions of the future.

2) It’s Ridiculously Easy to Use

There can’t be many coffee brewing methods that are as easy and fool-proof as moka coffee brewing. All you need to do is fill the bottom chamber with water, fill the top chamber with coffee grounds and pop it over a medium heat for the right amount of time. Nor fuss, no complexities and no skill required to make an outstanding cup of coffee.

3) It’s Cheap and Practically Bulletproof

As an added bonus, most decent moka pots to have hit the market over the years are practically bulletproof in their design. By combining an extremely simple design with heavy duty materials, it’s not uncommon for the average moka pot to continue performing flawlessly for decades on end. Something you really cannot say for most modern coffee makers.

4) It’s Portable and Practical

Along with being extremely durable and hardwearing, most smaller moka pots are also extremely portable and practical. As the only thing you need is a source of heat, they’re great for camping, picnics and anywhere else you care to take them.

5) It’s Fast and Mess-Free

Last but not least, it takes no more than around 5 minutes to brew several cups of outstanding coffee using a moka pot. After which, you’re left with practically no mess to clean up. A quick rinse is all it takes to have your moka pot ready for use once again - some newer versions can even be thrown directly in the dishwasher for even greater convenience.

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