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How to Make Great Moka Coffee, Every Time

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By a significant margin, there’s no more iconic or celebrated coffee maker in the world than the classic Moka. In fact, it’s estimated that this simple yet ingenious device is a staple feature in more than 90% of all Italian homes.

Quite simply, there isn’t a coffee maker or a brewing method in existence that has and will continue to stand the tests of time quite like the Moka.

So in celebration of the world’s favourite coffee pot, here’s an overview of the steps required to produce an amazing cup of Moka coffee at home:

1) Always Preheat the Water

First up, experts insist that preheating the water prior to brewing is the way to go. This means heating the required amount of water until it almost reaches boiling point, but doesn’t quite get there. If the water does boil, leave it for around a minute or so before pouring it into your Moka coffee maker.

2) Grind to the Ideal Coarseness

The ideal coarseness for Moka coffee grounds is slightly finer than French Press coffee but coarser than espresso coffee. Experimentation holds the key to finding the perfect coarseness, so feel free to try various different settings and techniques until you get it right. That said, you’ll find that the best results always come courtesy of a quality coffee grinder.

3) Don’t Overfill the Water Chamber

Irrespective of how many cups you plan on making, fill the bottom chamber until the waterline almost reaches the bottom of the safety valve. It’s also worth reserving just enough hot water to warm your cups, which can make all the difference when brewing an exceptional pot of coffee.

4) Add the Coffee Grounds

After adding up the required quantity of coffee into the upper chamber, don’t make the mistake of pressing them in place too firmly. Simply flattening them out with your finger is more than enough, as they do not need to be tightly packed.  If you press them down too hard, the coffee produced will be bitter and unpleasant.

5) Heat the Moka

Now’s the time to connect the two pieces of the Moka coffeemaker back together and place it on a stove. Keep the heat moderate and don’t attempt to rush things, as you’re looking to create a gradual extraction rather than boiling the water and the coffee aggressively.

6) Time the Brewing Process

Last but not least, you’ll also find that there is some trial and error involved in finding the right amount of time to brew your Moka coffee. The longer you allow the extraction to continue, the stronger and ultimately more bitter the resulting coffee becomes. It’s entirely a case of tailoring things to suit your own personal preferences, so it’s worth timing the brewing process, making a note of the quality of the resulting coffee and tweaking things in pursuit of perfection.

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