Coffee Lovers Rejoice!☕️New Sumatra Pantan Musara

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Your daily cup of coffee just got... incredibly delicious! From Sumatra, Indonesia, we bring you one of the most exclusive and exotic coffees: SUMATRA PANTAN MUSARA.

This coffee comes from a small mill in Sumatra's coffee-famous Aceh region. The mill serves several small coffee producers within the Pantan Musara villages. Several years ago, these producers were dislocated from their homes and land because of a natural disaster, and they have rebuilt their lives and farms with a new focus on specialty coffee.

Aceh is an incredible region for coffee production. The average farm is one hectare, 80% of producers within northern Sumatra are women, and 95% of producers are smallholders. This coffee is grown on the volcanic Barisan Mountains, amongst the rainforest and surrounded by beaches.

This arabica coffee is freshly roasted for you to ensure it is bursting with incredible aromas and flavors when it lands at your door. You will fall in love with this coffee's berry and chocolate notes. 

Click here to find out more about this unique coffee. It is available as green coffee beans (i.e. unroasted coffee beans / raw coffee beans, for home roasting with your coffee roaster), roasted whole bean coffee, ground coffee, coffee pods compatible with Nespresso®* Original Line machines, and coffee pods compatible with Keurig K Cup coffee makers (incl. Keurig 2.0 models)**. We offer free worldwide shipping!


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