Chemex: The Basics of Brewing Chemex Coffee

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Contrary to popular belief, brewing a spectacular cup of coffee doesn’t have to be complicated. Nor do you need to invest in a whole bunch of complex gadgets and accessories to get the job done.

Instead, all you need is a Chemex - one of the simplest yet most sought-after and capable coffee makers on the market right now. Easy to use and almost impossible to go wrong with, to take home a Chemex is to permanently change the way you brew quality coffee.

How To Use The Chemex Coffee Maker

A far cry from so many of its overcomplex cousins, the Chemex is all about simplicity. If looking to produce barista-quality coffee at home in a matter of minutes, all you’ll need is a Chemex coffee maker, a digital scale, a kettle and a good coffee grinder.

It’s technically possible to get by without a scale and a good coffee grinder, but precision holds the key to a truly enjoyable cup of Chemex coffee.

From start to finish, you’ll be looking at no more than five minutes of preparation time in total. During which, the Chemex brewing process in its entirety looks a little like this:

  1. Set your water boiling first of all, as this will give you time to set up your Chemex. In addition, allow boiling water to cool for about 30 to 60 seconds, before pouring it over your coffee grounds.
  2. Take a clean filter out of the packaging and place it inside your Chemex, as illustrated in the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  3. Grinding your coffee beans to the ideal consistency is important, which should be slightly coarser than you would use for typical drip coffee. If you’re filling your Chemex to its full capacity, keep your grounds a little coarser still.
  4. Use a little of the water you have boiled to wet and heat the filter, swirling it around to reach as much of the material as possible. Throw out the water that collects in the vessel beneath.
  5. Begin slowly adding the hot water, pouring in just enough to cover the coffee grounds. This is called ‘blooming’ and should be done before adding the rest of the water.
  6. Add the rest of the water slowly, so that at no time does it come within about an inch of the top of the Chemex. Pour in a controlled circular motion.
  7. Continue pouring until all of the water has passed through the filter, at which point your coffee will be ready to decant and enjoy.
  8. Pay attention to the properties of the coffee, in order to make adjustments next time. You may need to experiment with different coffee to water ratios to produce the perfect cup, hence why it’s useful to invest in a decent scale.

Follow these basic instructions and your Chemex will quickly become the must-have gadget you’ll wonder how you got by without. Particularly if you prefer light, bright and refreshing coffee, the Chemex coffeemaker could be right up your street.

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