Brewing Perfect Panama Geisha: The Art of Keeping it Simple

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It’s natural to assume that when dealing with a commodity as exquisite as Panama Geisha coffee beans, you’re inherently looking at a complex and challenging brewing process.  At least, if you want to do your Gesha coffee beans justice, in order to produce a barista-quality cup.

But while it’s true to say that Panama Geisha coffee beans demand respect and that there is indeed the degree of precision involved, brewing the perfect cup at home needn’t be a chore.  In fact, attempting to needlessly over complicate things is where most aspiring home-based baristas go wrong.


Before we jump into brewing methods, these were taking a moment to understand what makes Panama Geisha coffee so special. Grown in the high-altitude regions of Panama, the Geisha varietal is celebrated for its distinct floral and fruity notes.

With a completely unique flavour profile with hints of jasmine, bergamot, and fruity undertones, this remarkable coffee variety tastes like nothing else on Earth. To preserve these delicate flavours, choosing the right brewing method becomes crucial.


Perfect coffee brewing blends art with science. The extraction process involves dissolving soluble compounds from the coffee grounds to create the beverage you love, but it takes a certain degree of precision to make it happen with optimum efficiency.

For Panama Geisha coffee, a balance between extraction and preservation of delicate flavours is key.  Which is precisely why there’s no better way to do justice to your beans than to treat them to the pour over method.


The pour-over brewing method offers a hands-on approach that allows you to control various brewing parameters. This level of control is particularly suited to capturing the essence of Panama Geisha coffee.

Here’s what you need to be mindful of:

  1. Grind Consistency: Start by grinding your Panama Geisha coffee beans to a medium consistency, resembling sea salt. This ensures an optimal surface area for extraction without risking over-extraction, which could lead to bitterness.
  2. Brewing Temperature: Water temperature plays a pivotal role in coffee extraction. Opt for water just off the boil (around 200°F or 93.3°C) to bring out the delicate floral and fruity notes while avoiding the astringency that higher temperatures can bring.
  3. Brew Time: The pour over method allows you to control the brew time precisely. A slow and steady pour, combined with a slightly longer brew time, helps maintain the clarity of the Geisha's nuanced flavours.
  4. Brewing Equipment: Investing in a quality pour-over setup, such as a Hario V60 or a Chemex, ensures an even extraction. The conical shape of these brewers promotes uniform water flow through the coffee grounds, preventing over-extraction at the centre.
  5. Bloom Stage: The bloom is the initial pour that saturates the coffee grounds, causing them to release carbon dioxide. Allow the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds before continuing the pour. This step ensures a more even extraction.


The pour-over method's ability to get the very best out of Panamanian Geisha coffee lies in its precision and control. Unlike automated brewing methods, the manual process lets you tailor the extraction with pinpoint precision.

The combination of grind size, water temperature, and pour technique ensures that the more delicate compounds in the coffee are extracted while minimizing bitterness.

So next time you treat yourself to a batch of Panama geisha coffee beans (or any other gourmet coffee), remember that the key to doing them justice almost always lies in keeping things simple.

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