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Benefits of Decaf Coffee | Decaffeinated

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Research suggests that the world’s love affair with gourmet coffee really isn’t going anywhere. In fact, studies have shown that at least 50% of all adults admit to being borderline reliant on coffee to live their everyday lives.

Far from a bad thing, regular coffee consumption is now known to have strong links with a variety of beneficial effects on physical and psychological health.

But what about decaf?  What are the specific benefits of decaf coffee? Is it better for your health and wellbeing to stick with decaffeinated, or continue with the caffeinated variety?

The Potential Benefits of Decaf Coffee / Decaffeinated

In short, it all comes down to the personal preferences and existing health of the individual in question. The only difference between decaffeinated and regular coffee being the removal of approximately 97% of the caffeine in the former.  Everything else is largely identical.

As such, the potential benefits of decaf coffee that go beyond those of ‘normal’ coffee all relate in some way to the removal of the caffeine. Ask those who proactively avoid traditional coffee in favour of decaffeinated and many will cite one or more of the following benefits:

  • Avoid the Caffeine Shakes. Even the most committed coffee-lovers occasionally take things a little too far, succumbing to a bout of the caffeine shakes. Along with causing physical jitters, the feeling that accompanies the caffeine shakes can be unpleasant to say the least. One of the potential side effects of caffeine avoided by sticking with decaf coffee.
  • Fewer Headaches. Certain people find themselves significantly more prone to headaches after consuming caffeine. So once again, sticking with decaf coffee can be a good way of avoiding headaches for those concerned.
  • No Nervous Energy. Particularly when caffeine is consumed in large quantities, that initial burst of energy can quickly escalate into the kind of nervous energy you don’t know what to do with!  Some people quite like the sensation, though for others it can cause relatively severe anxiety and nervousness.
  • Better Sleep. The effect caffeine has on the body can naturally make it more difficult to sleep, or even relax.  If caffeine is consumed too late in the day or in large quantities, it can trigger bouts of insomnia. Not an issue for those who prefer decaf coffee.
  • Heart rate/Blood Pressure. Caffeine consumption can also lead to a faster heart rate and elevated blood pressure. Not necessarily to a dangerous extent in most, but potentially problematic for those who may already have cardio vascular issues.  Cardiologists often advising certain patients to steer clear of caffeine entirely.

Of course, you’d also be right to argue that eliminating caffeine from the equation also means eliminating all of the health benefits of daily caffeine consumption. But if the effects of caffeine are either unpleasant or potentially dangerous for the individual in question, decaffeinated coffee could represent the safer and more beneficial option of the two.

If in any doubt as to your caffeine tolerance or otherwise, be sure to book an appointment with your doctor and ask their advice. On the plus side, if you do find it necessary to stick with decaf, today’s very best decaffeinated coffee really is a world away from the bland and boring decaf of years gone by!

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