Why is Gourmet Coffee More Expensive? | Premium Arabica Coffee

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We are often asked why it is that premium gourmet coffee is more expensive than standard Arabica coffee. Depending on the types of coffee beans you intend to buy, you could be looking at quite enormous differences in price. But what is it that makes certain types of gourmet coffee so much more expensive than their counterparts?

The short answer – everything!

Gourmet Coffee – A Prestigious Cup of Premium Arabica Coffee

Every day, tens of millions of people brew themselves billions of cups of generic low-grade coffee. Some get at least a little enjoyment out of it, others camouflage the taste in its entirety with milk, sugar, syrups and so on. Rather than genuinely getting any pleasure out of their coffee, it’s instead seen as something of an everyday staple as mundane as a change of underwear.

This in turn breeds enormous demand for very specific types of coffee beans.  That being, the kinds of cheap and readily available beans that are easy to mass-produce at comparatively low prices. Given that demand is spectacularly high for this type of coffee, it represents a guaranteed source of income for thousands of farmers worldwide.

After all, what’s the incentive to improve the quality and exclusivity of their coffee, when it’s already selling like the proverbial hot cakes?

What makes the difference with gourmet coffee is that these are the types of coffee beans designed to cater to the preferences of an entirely different market.  Rather than producing biblical amount of the stuff to cater to the masses, gourmet coffee farms produce much smaller batches on an annual basis. Not only this, but they also invest enormous amounts of time and effort in the cultivation and general production processes.

Rather than generic black liquid to be thrown down your neck without a second thought, premium Arabica coffee is designed to be a significantly more prestigious cup to enjoy every drop of.

Rare and Exclusive Types of Coffee Beans

All of the above combines to create a significantly more expensive type of coffee for two reasons. First and foremost, there simply isn’t nearly as much of the stuff to go around. When you consider the fact that less than 1% of the coffee produced worldwide can be truly classified as gourmet coffee, you begin to understand why it costs more. Exclusivity breeding demand among more discerning coffee lovers, in turn continually pushing prices higher.

Along with this, all the time and hard work that goes into the production of premium Arabica coffee beans doesn’t pay for itself. Rather than relying on automated cultivation, most gourmet coffee bean farms take care of everything by hand. A time-consuming and expensive process, which ensures much better coffee selection, but results in significantly lower yields

Of course, the fact that gourmet coffee smells and tastes better than any type of generic Arabica coffee in the world also has a direct impact on its price.  Nevertheless, if you’re the kind of person who takes their coffee seriously, you’ll know in an instant that it’s a price well worth paying!

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