Why Buying the Best Ground Coffee Matters | Fresh Roasted Coffee

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Many people question why it makes sense to go to extremes when buying ground coffee. Whatever your favourite type of coffee, chances are it is available in countless different guises for any number of price-points. Just as some fresh ground coffee packs a premium price, other generic ground coffee is practically given away.

The question being – what makes the difference between the best ground coffee on the market and the rest of what’s on offer?

Fresh Roasted Coffee

The short answer – it all comes down to freshness. The reason we grind coffee beans is to gain access to the incredible flavour components and oils sealed inside the bean. While it’s technically possible to make coffee simply by boiling whole fresh roasted coffee beans, it’s a time-consuming process with limited appeal. By contrast, break the beans down into fresh coffee grounds and it’s a different story entirely.

Nevertheless, not all ground coffee is of the same high-quality standard. In fact, quite the opposite is the case. The moment coffee beans are ground – or even opened/split – a much larger surface area is exposed to the surrounding air. All of which results in a scientific process whereby the quality and flavour of the bean begins to degrade. The greater the exposure to air, the more extensive the damage.

Buying the Best Ground Coffee

Some coffee connoisseurs will tell you that buying pre-ground coffee in any form is not the way to go.  In reality, what matters is ensuring you only ever buy the best ground coffee money can buy. What makes the difference here at Hayman is the way in which we roast and grind our beans to order. This in turn guarantees the kind of quality and freshness you simply will not enjoy from any store-bought product.

So while we would not recommend against buying pre-ground coffee, here’s why it’s important to only ever buy fresh ground coffee from a specialist:

1) Contamination

First up, the compounds in coffee that give it such a unique aroma and flavour profile are extremely fragile. If there are any other strong flavours or odours, they can quickly and permanently contaminate the coffee. The fresher the coffee, the lower the likelihood of contamination.

2) Oxygen

Likewise, the flavours and aromas contained within every coffee bean undergo a chemical reaction the very moment they come into contact with oxygen. To such an extent that ground coffee can lose up to 60% of its aroma after being exposed to the surrounding air for just 15 minutes. To enjoy truly fresh coffee, minimisation of exposure to air is essential.

3) Moisture

Problems can also be caused by any moisture in the surrounding air or the environment in general. Once again, the incredibly delicate oils and compounds within every coffee bean react negatively to moisture at the cost of aroma and flavour quality.

Just three of the many reasons why it’s important to buy the best ground coffee available, if looking to enjoy truly fresh coffee with every cup. Taste the difference once and there really is no going back.

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