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Third Wave Coffee and Other Key Terminology Explained | Specialty Coffee

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One of the most defining aspects of the so-called third wave coffee movement is the endless terminology it has brought into the mainstream. The kind of speciality coffee jargon that doesn’t mean a great deal at all to those who haven’t been swept away by the third wave coffee craze.

The way we see it, you don’t have to be a connoisseur to get a kick out of the most outstanding specialty coffee money can buy. But at the same time, there’s a certain element of additional enjoyment and satisfaction that comes with understanding coffee on a slightly deeper level. Taking things to extremes isn’t necessary, familiarising yourself with the basics is nonetheless recommended.

So with this in mind, we thought we’d share with you a quick rundown of some of the key terminology and jargon at the heart of the third wave coffee movement:

Acidity: The extent to which the specialty coffee in question has slightly sour properties, sometimes referred to as ‘dry’ or ‘clean’ or ‘bright’.

Arabica: Generally accepted as the most iconic and outstanding species of the coffee tree, which supplies the beans that go into most speciality coffee.

Aroma: The combination of fragrance notes that come together to create the smell of the coffee.

Bloom: The introduction of hot water to fresh ground coffee results in the rapid release of carbon dioxide, which subsequently produces the crema.

Body: Coffee can feel anything from lightweight to incredibly heavy or even oily in the mouth, which is referred to as its body.

Coffee Snob: A term used to describe a specialty coffee lover who refuses to go near anything that isn’t artisan or speciality in nature, simply by way of principles.

Crema: The creamy layer at the top of a cup of coffee created when carbon dioxide is released upon adding hot water and becoming trapped in bubbles.

Espresso: Defined as a strong, short shot of coffee measuring 30ml. The quality and strength of espresso coffee differs significantly from one coffee to the next.

Green coffee: Green coffee is essentially coffee beans that have not been roasted. While many people swear by green coffee for its supposed health benefits, such claims are often refuted by others.

Mouthfeel: A generalisation of the way the coffee feels when it enters the mouth – silky, bubbly, smooth, watery, oily etc.

Pull: Back in the day, the vast majority of espresso coffee machines were operated by pulling a lever. The expression ‘pulling’ an espresso nonetheless perpetuates even today.

Single Origin: Considered the gold standard among connoisseurs, single-origin applies to speciality coffee that has been grown entirely on the same farm and is therefore considered purer and of higher quality.

Specialty Coffee: Any coffee that has been grown and processed using methods that focus heavily on quality and consistency is considered speciality coffee.

Tamp: The process of gently and evenly pressing ground coffee into an espresso machine’s filter basket prior to brewing.

Third Wave Coffee: The latest coffee movement that focuses primarily on quality, exclusivity and the production of superior coffee by any means. The most sophisticated, stylish and quality-conscious coffee movement to date.

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