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The Ultimate Caffeine Quiz: True or False? (Part 2)

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From the finest Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee to the most basic blends, caffeine is all part and parcel of the experience. It’s what gives you the energy you need to power through the morning, with a whole host of added health benefits as a bonus.

As promised, here’s a fresh rundown of insightful facts about caffeine and its effects, worth mulling over your next cup of exquisite Jamaican coffee:

5) Caffeine’s Effects Usually Last an Hour or Less - False

After consuming a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee - or any other coffee - up to 99% of its caffeine content is in your bloodstream in less than 45 minutes. After which, the effects of the caffeine can continue doing their thing for as long as 6 hours. Precisely why those who don’t sleep particularly well at the best of times are advised to avoid coffee in all its forms after 3pm - if not an hour or two earlier.

6) Caffeine is Added to Skin-Care Products Purely as a Gimmick - False

Quite a lot of skin-care products contain caffeine for a good reason. Packed with antioxidants and known for stimulating blood flow, caffeine may have the ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines by smoothing the skin and combating common signs of ageing.

7) All Drinks That Contain Caffeine Are Dehydrating - False

While caffeine is indeed a mild diuretic, this doesn’t mean that all drinks containing caffeine will dehydrate you. It’s all about sensible moderation - drink masses of ultra-strong espresso coffee and yes, you’ll experience the diuretic effects of caffeine. But for most people, the occasional cup of coffee during the day has no dehydrating effect at all.

8) Caffeine is Great for Killing a Hangover - False

If only it was true, but sadly it is not. Caffeine can be good for an energy-boost in most situations, but in terms of killing a hangover offers no direct benefit. The body needs a certain amount of time to eliminate toxins following intoxication - something caffeine (unfortunately) cannot accelerate.

9) Women Are More Sensitive to Caffeine Than Men - False

Where this particular myth originated from is hard to say, but that’s exactly what it is - a myth. Gender alone has no bearing whatsoever on a person’s sensitivity or otherwise to caffeine. Some studies have shown that men feel the effects of caffeine faster, while others have produced data indicating quite the contrary.

10) It is Impossible to Overdose on Caffeine - False

Last up, this is assumed for the simple reason that the vast majority of people are highly unlikely to ever consume enough caffeine to suffer a dangerous reaction. In fact, you would need to consume somewhere in the region of 85 cups of your favorite Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in one day to do yourself in! So while it is indeed possible to overdose on caffeine, it isn’t something that tends to happen.

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