New Coffee El Salvador Finca Los Posos Available Now!

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From El Salvador, we bring you one of the most exclusive gourmet coffees: FINCA LOS POSOS.

Ignacio Gutierres, the owner of Finca Los Posos, has a long history in farming. Before he started planting coffee in the year 2000, he worked with wood and tomatoes and started his farms with just 500 coffee trees.

He grows coffee on about 5 manzanas (i.e. 3.5 hectares or 8.7 acres) of rich soil and has produced fantastic lots year after year. In both 2011 and 2013, his coffees took first place in the Cup of Excellence competition, the world's most important award for specialty coffees.

This arabica coffee is freshly roasted for you to ensure it is bursting with incredible aromas and flavors when it lands at your door. You will fall in love with its raspberry, red grape, and chocolate flavor notes. Order it now before it sells out, we offer free worldwide shipping!