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Five Reasons to Drink More Organic Coffee

organic coffee

If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to drink more organic coffee, today’s your lucky day. Far from a single good excuse, we’ve at least five arguments in favour of indulging in your favourite organic coffee.

…and here they are:

1) Elimination of harmful chemicals

Right off the bat, organic coffee contains no potentially harmful trace residues left behind by chemicals. Worldwide, it’s standard practice for coffee farmers to use a wide variety of synthetic pesticides and chemical products to protect their coffee trees. All of which are washed away during the production process, though can still remain on the beans in trace amounts. Unfortunately, even low level consumption of these harmful chemicals has been associated with any number of dangerous and deadly diseases. With organic coffee, no harmful chemicals or synthetic pesticides are used at any time.

2) Enhanced therapeutic properties

Moderate consumption of coffee on a regular basis can be beneficial in a variety of ways. However, there is growing evidence to suggest that organic coffee is even healthier than mainstream coffee. This is due to organic coffee’s elevated antioxidant levels, along with higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals. There’s also evidence to suggest that organic caffeine is a more effective energy booster and brain function enhancer.

3) An eco-friendly option

Organic coffee farmers are environmentally conscious to an extent that goes far beyond the average coffee producer. Rather than promoting deforestation and harming the planet, organic coffee production actually puts something back into the surrounding environment. Conservation of vegetation, prevention of soil erosion, creation of habitat for wildlife and so on. All of which adds up to a serious ‘feel good’ factor with every cup of organic coffee you enjoy.

4) Better working conditions

Though not always the case, a sizeable proportion of organic coffee farmers are committed to better working conditions for their employees. This is particularly true where coffee producers are fair trade compliant, which means every worker is guaranteed a fair rate of pay. Something that cannot be said for many of the world’s biggest mass-production coffee brands. Better working conditions and higher rates of pay are also why the best organic coffee on the market tends to be slightly more expensive. Nevertheless, you really cannot put a price on the welfare of others.

5) It simply tastes better

Last but not least, you really don’t have to be a committed connoisseur to get a kick out of organic coffee. Compared like for like, the highest quality organic coffee almost always tastes better than a comparable generic alternative. The production of quality organic coffee takes time, effort and the input of skilled farmers with extensive knowledge and experience. It isn’t a process that can be rushed, but the resulting product is nonetheless superior in every way.

In a nutshell, organic coffee isn’t simply a fad or a passing trend. If anything, it’s the future of quality coffee in general, as the world collectively acknowledges the importance of environmental focus. The fact that organic coffee is exponentially more delicious than mass produced coffee simply serves as a welcome bonus.

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