Exploring the Best Coffee Beans in the World

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Coffee beans are the heart and soul of every cup of coffee. They play the single most important role in determining the flavors, aromas and characteristics of the coffees we love. But it’s really not until you experience the best coffee beans in the world first-hand that you realise just how diverse and indulgent truly outstanding coffee can be.

Not to mention, the seemingly endless range of geo-specific coffees to choose from.

A Journey Through Coffee Regions

Getting into the whole gourmet coffee thing is like starting a journey of global exploration. Some regions are synonymous with the best coffee beans in the world, but others aren’t quite so well known.

1) Latin American Excellence

Latin America is renowned for producing some of the finest coffee beans money can buy. Countries like Colombia, Brazil and Costa Rica have been at the forefront of this region’s java revolution for many years. Colombian coffee, with its smooth and well-balanced flavor, is renowned for its medium body and hints of caramel and chocolate.

Brazilian coffee, by contrast, offers a rich, nutty taste and is often used as a base for espresso blends. Elsewhere, Costa Rican coffee boasts a bright acidity and vibrant flavors, often exhibiting notes of citrus and tropical fruits.

2) African Delights

The African continent also has deeply historic connections with truly exquisite coffee. Ethiopia, the true birthplace of coffee, produces unique and captivating beans. Ethiopian coffee is known for its pronounced fruity and floral notes, enchanting coffee lovers with flavours of berries, citrus and jasmine.

Kenyan coffee, with its wine-like acidity and complex profile, is famed for its bright and vibrant characteristics. African coffee in general is known for its remarkable diversity, with a broad range of varieties available to suit all tastes and preferences.

3) Asian Allure

Asian coffee brings together a fascinating blend of flavours, making it a favorite among discerning connoisseurs. Indonesian coffee has become known for its earthy and herbal notes, often accompanied by hints of dark chocolate. Vietnamese coffee – a region famous for its Robusta coffee beans - offers a strong and full-bodied flavor as well as a distinctive nuttiness.

Indian coffee, particularly so lost from the region of Mysore, showcases a rich and spicy taste profile with hints of cinnamon and cloves. Arguably the best coffee beans you can buy if you enjoy a somewhat exotic brew.

4) Pacific Islands

Another hotbed of pure coffee quality, the Pacific Islands continue to produce some of the best coffee beans in the world. Hawaiian Kona coffee boasts a smooth and mellow taste, which presents undertones of brown sugar and nuts. Papua New Guinea coffee, with its bright acidity and medium body, captures the essence of tropical fruits and cocoa.

Both rare, distinct and prestigious exports that come at a cost, but more than justify their price tags with each and every sip!

A World of Adventure

With such a broad and diverse range of specialty coffees to explore, it simply makes sense to indulge in as many different types of beans as possible.  You may find that your dream coffee is something you never even knew existed, sourced from distant shores and presenting the most exquisitely unique flavor notes.

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