Fake Panama Geisha Coffee Beans: Don’t Get Dealt a Gesha Coffee Dud!

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In some parts of the world, paying more than $50 for a cup of Panama geisha coffee beans is the norm. In fact, Panama geisha coffee beans (also called Gesha coffee) are one of the most expensive coffees the industry has ever produced worldwide. A valuable gourmet coffee and one that’s becoming increasingly prized among connoisseurs.

Unfortunately, where this kind of value and exclusivity exists, there will always be those who will stop at nothing to capitalise on it. Even if it means deliberately misleading the consumer public. Long story short – counterfeit Panama geisha coffee beans is not only a reality, but considerably more prevalent than you might expect.

Sellers and Resellers

For obvious reasons, the vast majority of top arabica coffee lovers who purchase Panama geisha coffee beans do so online. Whether looking to gain access to the lowest prices or simply located nowhere near a traditional gourmet coffee store, online is the preferred option for most. The problem being that when you purchase products like Gesha coffee online, you’re somewhat at the mercy of the integrity of the seller.

After all, it’s not as if you have any real control over what they ultimately send you in the post.

This is precisely why anyone out to buy the very best Panama geisha coffee beans needs to have their wits about them. It may be entirely against the law to label products as Gesha coffee when they’re nothing of the sort, but the scale of the online coffee retail industry makes it a difficult problem to police. On the plus side, it doesn’t have to be particularly difficult to ensure that you only ever buy genuine and premium quality Panama geisha coffee beans from online sellers and resellers.

Spotting the Fakes

The good news is that you don’t need to know how to meticulously inspect and verify the quality of a arabica coffee bean, in order to avoid counterfeit Gesha coffee. Instead, it’s it simply a case of following a few important rules when placing your orders, such as:

  1. Price. First and foremost, premium Panama geisha coffee beans will always be comparatively expensive. Given the rare and exclusive nature of the gourmet coffee beans themselves, there’s no realistic way of selling the real-deal at a low price. Regardless of the explanation the seller in question provides, bargain basement Gesha coffee beans are to be avoided at all costs.
  2. Product Range. Due to the price and exclusivity of Panama geisha coffee beans, you’re only ever likely to find the real-deal from established and reputable coffee specialists. These are not the kinds of products the average retailer simply ‘happens upon’ by chance.
  3. Seller Reputation. Speaking of which, it’s also worth carrying out a quick online search to establish the reputation (or otherwise) of the seller you’re considering.
  4. Gesha Coffee Blends. Last up, don’t be fooled into thinking that Gesha coffee blends are the same as 100% Panama geisha coffee beans. In some instances, you could be looking at a blend that contains no more than around 10% Panama geisha coffee beans, with the rest comprising the cheapest and lowest-grade arabica coffee on the market.

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