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A New Star in Our Specialty Coffee Collection: El Salvador Finca Hondurita!

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Our new specialty coffee offers impressive cherry, toffee and chocolate flavor notes. It comes from Chalatenango, the most famous coffee producing region in El Salvador. Finca Hondurita is only available in very small quantities, called “micro-lots”, making it a particularly rare coffee.

This fabulous arabica coffee was skillfully produced by José William Diaz at his farm and then processed by the washed method. José has been producing remarkable gourmet coffees for over 10 years!

We offer the incredible Finca Hondurita as green beans (i.e. raw coffee beans for home roasting), roasted whole beans, roasted ground coffee and Nespresso pods (24 pod box).

As always, it is only roasted when we receive your order and is shipped to you within hours for maximum freshness - click here to order before it sells out!