Why Your Office Espresso Coffee Machine Needs an Upgrade

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These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find an office that doesn’t already have an espresso machine of some kind. Or at least, the provisions required to pour a semi-decent cup of coffee.

But here’s the thing – cutting corners on quality when it comes to office espresso could actually be having a negative effect on your business. Believe it or not, scientific research has drawn direct links between quality espresso coffee in the workplace and improved overall performance.

So it’s worth asking – is now the time to give your existing office espresso coffee machine a much-needed upgrade?

Quality Espresso Coffee = Everybody Wins!

It’s not as if a decent espresso machine is particularly expensive right now. Nevertheless, the impact it could have on the average workplace really is quite remarkable. Given that somewhere in the region of 84% of all workers regularly consume coffee every single day, it could be a great starting point, if looking to improve morale.

So as far as the factual side of the whole thing is concerned, here’s why it could pay dividends to upgrade your current office espresso machine:

1) Good coffee is a valued yet cheap perk

The costs of owning and operating a decent espresso coffee machine are minimal to say the least.  Nevertheless, employees in general respond extremely positively to the provision of quality coffee. It gives them more faith in their employer, makes them feel valued and brings something a little more enjoyable to their average day. Research suggests that around 50% of workers are dissatisfied with the quality of their respective workplace’s coffee.

2) Coffee can improve productivity

A scientific fact that should be taken into account by more employers. It’s been proven time and time again that coffee has an extensive range of beneficial effects on the body – one of which being a marked improvement to both energy levels and productivity. As such, simply stepping up to a higher standard of espresso coffee in the workplace could have a measurable impact on employee performance.

3) Coffee breaks are a big deal

There’s also the social aspect that accompanies the obligatory coffee break during the normal working day. Socialising with other members of the workforce – even for just a few minutes at a time – helps maintain motivation, positivity, energy levels and output throughout the day.  Studies have shown that where coffee breaks are disallowed or simply unenjoyable, the entire business suffers as a result.

4) Less time off-site

Last but not least, if you provide your employees with the means to make outstanding coffee in the workplace, why would they bother heading out to Starbucks twice a day? Companies lose huge amounts of working time each year due to those simple coffee runs that quickly add up. If the coffee you provide is both right there and free of charge, chances are you’ll spend much less time chasing members of the workforce who may enjoy the freedom of the coffee run a little too much!

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