Why the Best Kona Coffee Hawaii Is Such a Prestigious Product? | Hawaiian Coffee

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To sample the very best Kona coffee Hawaii produces is to never again question its price. On one hand, the best Kona coffee beans money can buy pack an extremely heavy price tag. On the other, you really cannot put a price on the extraordinary quality and exclusivity of this Hawaiian coffee

Just as soon as you’ve experienced the best Kona coffee beans for yourself, you know what all the fuss is about. In terms of flavour alone, you know you’re in for something special the moment the water hits the specialty coffee grounds. But even when pushing the flavour profile to one side, there are still several additional reasons why the best Kona coffee Hawaii is such a prestigious and pricey product.

Grown only in Kona

For example, it’s fundamentally impossible to produce the best Kona coffee beans anywhere other than its native Hawaii. And it’s not as if you can grow it anywhere on the island and sell it as the best Kona coffee Hawaii. In order to produce this extraordinary third wave coffee, the beans must be cultivated in a comparatively tiny region in the richest volcanic soil on rocky slopes. Despite having been in production since the early 1800s, it’s never been possible to expand production of the best Kona coffee beans as there’s nowhere else in the world they can be grown.

The Perfect Climate

This very famous Hawaiian coffee thrives in the unique climactic conditions of this region and this region alone. From temperatures to sunlight to humidity and so on, everything about the climatic conditions in the Kona region is no less than perfect. The kinds of conditions that cannot be faithfully replicated, even with the most advanced indoor growing technology in the world. Once again therefore, the very best Kona coffee beans are constantly in short supply, hence their exclusivity and value of this specialty coffee.

Small Independent Farms

There are somewhere in the region of 800 Kona coffee farms in business today, of which around 600 are extremely small and independent. The kinds of family businesses that follow the same cultivation and processing standards as those used more than a century ago. Producing this unique Hawaiian coffee means eliminating all mass-production machinery and processes from the equation entirely. Hence, it’s a labour-intensive process to say the least.

Hand-Picked Products

When the time comes to begin the harvest, each and every of these third wave coffee beans is meticulously inspected and picked by hand. Experts with generations of combined experience ensure that only the most outstanding Hawaiian coffee beans are picked at their absolute peak of ripeness, in order to guarantee consistent quality without exception. This intensive process is carried out all day and every day throughout the season.

Global Demand

Last but not least, the popularity of and demand for the very best Kona coffee beans Hawaii produces have been growing at record-pace over recent years.  Along with there being very little of the stuff to go around in the first place, there’s now unprecedented demand for the Kona coffee that makes it out of Hawaii every year. Needless to say, this adds up to the kind of exclusivity and rarity that inevitably drive prices upwards.

Expensive it may be, but when you consider its quality and value as a commodity, it’s hard not to be enamoured by Kona coffee in general.

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