From The Birthplace Of Coffee, Straight To Your Door: New Ethiopia Yirgacheffe!

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A world-famous African coffee has just arrived at Hayman's roastery! From Ethiopia, we bring you a legendary specialty coffee: ETHIOPIA YIRGACHEFFE.

Ethiopia is widely considered the birthplace of Arabica coffee. Ethiopian coffee is typically grown on very small plots of land by farmers who also grow other crops. Growing, processing, and drinking coffee is part of the Ethiopian way of life, and has been for centuries, since the coffee tree was discovered growing wild in forests.

Most farmers deliver their coffee in cherry to a nearby washing station or central processing unit, where the coffee is sorted and weighed. This particular coffee comes from the Chelbessa washing station, located in the famous Yirgacheffe region.

This Arabica coffee is freshly roasted for you to ensure it is bursting with incredible aromas and flavors when it is delivered to your door. You will fall in love with its jasmine aroma and caramel, praline, vanilla, and winey flavor notes. Click HERE to order it now before it sells out, we are offering free worldwide shipping!