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It comes in a beautiful blue box, like a gift from Tiffany. You ready it for drinking, and then bring it to your nose to smell the wafting bouquet before taking a sip and reveling in the surprisingly light body and the floral and sweet notes. Sounds like I’m talking about fine wine, doesn’t it? In fact, I am talking about Hayman Coffee.
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Freshly roasted Nespresso compatible Jamaica Blue Mountain pods & capsules

Hayman is happy to share that our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has been awarded an 88/100 top rating by Coffee Review, the world’s leading coffee guide.

The famous guide described our unique coffee as “delicate, gently bright and lightly fruit-toned”. They have also highlighted the coffee’s pineapple and chocolate notes, together with the “silky mouthfeel” that transported them to a pleasing “crisp and sweet finish”.

We are delighted to receive such an important recognition for our freshly roasted Nespresso ® compatible pods & capsules, which is a testament to the supreme quality of the coffee offered by Hayman, the first to bring you only the greatest and rarest coffees.

Click here to read the full review: http://www.coffeereview.com/review/jamaica-blue-mountain-5/

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