Gourmet Coffee by Region: How Origin Affects Arabica Coffee Flavour

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One of the questions we’re most frequently asked is that of why different types of coffee beans have such entirely different flavour profiles. Truth is, you don’t have to be a coffee connoisseur to pick up on quite spectacular differences from one type of gourmet coffee to the next. Depending on your own personal preferences, Arabica coffee can present notes of anything from flowers to citrus fruits to fine wines to dark chocolate.

The question being – why do different types of coffee beans taste so different?

Variations in flavour and aroma are caused by a wide variety of contributory factors. One of which of course being the type of coffee tree itself – every coffee tree producing its own unique coffee berries, with their own unique characteristics.

But in terms of how and why these trees and cherries are so different, it all comes down to the region in which they’re grown. Hence, the reason why sampling different types of coffee beans from different parts of the world can be such an enjoyable and enlightening experience.

Gourmet Coffee from Around the World

Variations in appearance, aroma and flavour are attributed to the conditions in which the respective coffee beans are grown. Just because two different types of gourmet coffee are technically Arabica coffee doesn’t mean they’ll share a great many similar characteristics whatsoever. Hence, the importance of looking beyond the basic Robusta coffee or Arabica coffee choice, instead considering the properties and qualities of different coffees from around the world.

Though certainly not limited to these regions only, the following examples highlight some of the characteristic qualities and differences between some of the most popular and delicious regional coffees in the world:

  • Colombia and Central America: Coffees from these regions are typically used to manufacture most of the world’s everyday coffees. The reason being that along with consistently high quality, Colombia and Central America produce more coffee per year than just about anywhere else. Easy to drink, beautifully balanced and with a comparatively mild acidity, coffees from Colombia and Central America are smooth, slightly fruity and gentle on the palate.
  • Brazil: Head a little further south and things become significantly more full-bodied and heavy. Brazilian Robusta coffee in particular has an established reputation across the country and the rest of the world, which are great for brewing heady espresso coffee that really means business.
  • Hawaii: Some of the finest gourmet coffee to be produced anywhere in the world comes from Hawaii. Grown in rich volcanic soils with unique atmospheric conditions, coffee from Hawaii is exceptionally mellow and typically presents distinctly floral notes on the nose.
  • Indonesia: One of the world’s undisputed highlights of coffee lovers, coffee species native to Indonesia have a wonderfully smoky quality and an aftertaste that lingers on the power like bitter cocoa.
  • Ethiopia: Unsurprisingly, Ethiopia is also home to some of the most stunning coffee species on the face of the earth. Though incredibly varied and diverse, Ethiopia coffee is characterised by a beautifully fruity and refreshing flavour with an almost sugar-like aftertaste.

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