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From Guatemala, we bring you one of the most exclusive and delicious coffees: Guatemala Finca El Frutal.

Efraín Castillo purchased El Frutal, a 10-manzana farm (i.e. 1.7 acres/0.7 hectares), in 2004. The farm is located in Huehuetenango, the famous Guatemalan coffee-producing region, which offers the highest altitudes in the country. There, Efraín grows coffee of the Caturra varietal, alongside beans, lemons, and other crops.

The coffee from El Frutal is picked perfectly ripe and is depulped the same day using a traditional depulper. The coffee is first fermented in tanks for 18 hours and then is dried on concrete patios for 36 hours. This coffee is produced in very small quantities, called “microlots”, making it a particular rare coffee.

The annual harvest of the El Frutal coffee occurs in January-April and these particular specialty coffee beans are then processed by the washed method. This Guatemala Finca El Frutal is a third wave coffee and fresh roasted coffee, greatly appreciated for its sweet, smooth and citric notes, with hints of coffee cherry, lemon, praline and cocoa.

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