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Hayman's Fine dining initiative on primetime national news!

Hotel Myriad - Food & Cocktail Menu Based on Hayman's Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Hayman sponsored the creation of a unique food and cocktail menu based on our exclusive Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

This initiative was an original idea of Hotel Myriad, one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in Lisbon, Portugal (photo above).

Chef Frederic Breitenbucher created a complete haute cuisine food menu featuring a number of extraordinary signature dishes with one common ingredient: Hayman's freshly roasted Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

Hotel Myriad's acclaimed mixologists have also worked wonders to create an impressive cocktail menu based on Hayman's coffee in order to complement the exquisite food menu.

This initiative was such a huge success that it was even featured on Portugal's prime time national news! Click on the link below to watch it: 


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