Tips for Cooking with Gourmet Coffee

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Set yourself up with a bag of premium Panama Geisha coffee beans and you probably have just one thing in mind:

Brew the perfect cup of java and melting away in the pure bliss it brings.

Commodities as rare and desirable as Geisha coffee are best enjoyed in their purest form. Untainted and unadulterated, Panama Geisha coffee beans (a.k.a. Gesha coffee) demand the utmost respect.

Even so, there’s a time and place to consider bringing your best-loved coffees into your favorite recipes. Maybe you’ve a small handful of beans left over that won’t stretch to a cup, or perhaps the last few beans in your stash are past their prime. Either way, making good use of every last bean you have makes sense.

Cooking with coffee can be great for ensuring nothing goes to waste. It’s even possible to use spent coffee grounds you’ve already brewed with to come up with fantastic recipes. Given the price of Panama Geisha coffee beans, coming up with ways to pull double-duty with them is never a bad idea!

A quick web search is all it takes to find a world of inspiring recipes and culinary concoctions to try your hand at. But if you ask us, there are three unbeatable ways to bring coffee into your cooking - gourmet beans like Gesha coffee included:

Wet Marinades for Meat

First up, a little coffee added to your favorite liquid marinade can be just the thing for giving meat a beautifully bittersweet flavor. Coffee has long been a go-to for spicing up Mexican dishes, but is also great when used to marinade anything you plan to throw on the barbecue. Used coffee grounds added to some sweet barbecue can be totally transformative - simply remove the excess marinade before grilling and watch as the meat caramelizes beautifully before your eyes.

Coffee Dry Spice Rub

You can also make a fantastic dry rub for just about anything, but nothing tastes better with this super-simple spice mix than a good steak. Basically, all you need to do is combine some leftover ground coffee with some salt, some paprika and perhaps a little brown sugar. Rub liberally onto cuts of pork or beef, before giving plenty of time to infuse. If looking to take things in a slightly different direction, you can also try adding a little cocoa powder to your rub, or spicing it up with some cayenne pepper.

An Unbeatable Breakfast Boost

Last up, there are so many options to explore for taking your morning caffeine injection to new places. For example, whipping up your own coffee-infused butter can be just the thing for transforming a regular stack of pancakes into something seriously decadent. Coffee-infused bacon is also a million times more indulgent than it sounds, as is the combination of maple syrup and premium coffee. Be it sweet, savory or a satisfying combination of both, chances are it can be improved with the strategic addition of your favorite coffee.

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